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The Annabelle Rose Foundation for Spinal Muscular Atrophy

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helping those who need it most

Here you can see how your support, donations, sponsors and attendance to our Events goes to help those who need it most! The following articles are from some of the beneficiaries that we’ve had the divine pleasure in helping out!!








'On behalf of The Annabelle Rose Foundation we would like to thank you for your Support. Your commitment to helping us help those that need it most in our combat against Spinal Muscular Atrophy is sincerely appreciated. We do not receive any funding and all our income is generated through fundraising and donations alone. Our staff do not receive a wage so every penny we make really does go to ‘help those who need it most’. It is with continued support from people like you that will enable us to meet our objectives.'

Lots of love


Charlotte & Wayne

The Annabelle Rose Foundation contributed a generous amount towards the purchase of a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) for Luca.  The car has been converted by removing the all the seats except the two front ones and one behind the passenger seat.  A manual ramp has been installed that gets pulled down for the wheelchair user and then the wheelchair gets clamped securely by harnesses for the journey, its now so easy to get Luca in and out in his wheelchair.  We are able to house all of his essential equipment - accessibly at all times.  This means we can stay out longer and go further.  We couldn’t venture far from home before, and sometimes not even at all.  But now with the WAV packed with all equipment so much is possible!  Luca’s whole life is run by machines.  He needs a machine to eat, breathe, cough and suction.  These have to go everywhere he goes.  They all take power.  Some have batteries, but these run down.  The Cough Assist machine is used throughout the day to keep Luca’s airway clear and is a vital piece of equipment when Luca is choking.

It is something we cannot be far from. Ever.  The Cough Assist machine has no battery so only runs when plugged in.  This has severely limited us in going out.  So to overcome this problem and to make ‘life’ more accessible we have put together a mobile power kit.  This kit consists of a battery, charger and a pure sine wave inverter.  Now we can power all of Luca’s machines when on the go!  A big change for us and a big relief.  After discussing our needs with The Annabelle Rose Foundation - they kindly purchased the different components of the kit and put it all together neatly in a case!  This, together with the car, means the outside world is accessible again  something that we have not always been able to say.

luca fuorvito

luca luca1

Luca’s whole life is run by machines.  He needs a machine to eat, breathe, cough and suction.

Until I started playing power chair football I had never experienced the sudden rush of euphoria I felt when I scored the winning goal in a crucial premiership game! Graduating, getting my first job, house or passing my driving test doesn't compare! Being part of a team within competitive sport is something I have never been able to be part of, before I could only be a spectator. Power chair football has opened up another world. I play for Northern thunder who came second in the premiership last season and we have qualified for the Europeans each season. The Annabelle Rose Foundation bought me a new TDX power chair football chair and bumper.

cath mcnichol

cath cath1

Before this I was playing in a second hand chair bought from ebay which dumped motor oil in every sports hall I played in! I can now play to the best of my ability and keep up with my peers. Just a month ago my team won the WFA Cup which I was able to be part of, we won 19-18 on sudden death penalties, I took 5 penalties. An amazing feeling! Thank you for making this happen :O)

download a pdf version containing all four articles!!!

sam fisher

Sam Fisher from the Scottish Borders would love to thank the Annabelle Rose Foundation for buying him  Boccia Equipment. Boccia is a Paralympic sport for athletes with severe disabilities affecting. motor skills  - belonging to the same family  as bowls. Sam has only been playing for a year and a half and with the help of equipment bought by the Annabelle Rose Foundation he has won 4 medals! He got gold at the Wishaw games, silver at the Discovery Games in Dundee and bronze in both the Scottish Open and the Scottish Nationals.

As well as helping his game, it has also helped his "Street cred" and confidence as he doesn't have to borrow equipment and can practice and compete with his own gear.

sam fisher sam fisher 1

Thank you for our ipad’s we love them. We use them for playing games, listening to music and watching stuff on you tube. We also use them to Google stuff for our homework. We have great fun on them and don’t watch so much TV now ;-).


Love from Sam and Alex

sam and alex bolton

sam alex

'street cred'